If the alarm "External auger output defect” is activated, it is very important that you DO NOT USE THE STOVE WITH WOOD OR PELLETS, as it can damage the stove. The cause of the alarm is probably that a pellet or a foreign object is stuck in the auger. Unfortunately, it happens often that a pellet bag contains something other than the approved pellets. Using the stove anyway, despite this alarm, can lead to a very costly repair of the stove, which Aduro does not cover.

When the long auger does not work and it either stands completely still or turns in both directions, then the stove may activate the following alarms:

  • "Ignition failed" (if the long auger does not supply pellets while stove is igniting)
  • "No fire" (if the long auger stops working while the stove is in operation mode)
  • "External auger output defect” (if something is blocking the long auger)

How do I solve the problem?

If you experience problems with the long auger, we recommend trying the following (start with no. 1 and move down the list):

1. Start by examining whether both augers rotate correctly. Press and hold the "auger logo" button on the display to activate the auger. When doing this, the smoke temperature in the stove must not be higher than 50 degrees. Move the brazier to the side and check if the short auger rotates clockwise. Then, you can vacuum clean all the pellets in the pellet container and check if the long auger rotates counterclockwise.

Picture 1: Short/internal auger when the                Picture 2: Vacuum cleaned pellet container                 
brazier is moved to the side                                      and the long/external auger

2. If it turns out that the short auger rotates correctly and clockwise but the long auger does not rotate counterclockwise when you look down into the pellet container, you can remove the back plate of the stove and loosen the large nut on the long auger, as shown in the pictures below.

Picture 3: Disassemble the back plate                  Picture 4: Loosen the nut on the long auger      
of the stove

Most often, it is enough to just loosen the nut. If, however, it turns out that the auger is still stuck, you can try removing the nut and ball bearing completely (see picture 5) and press down on the shaft to loosen the pellets (see picture 6). It may also help to use a rubber hammer to loosen a pellet that may have jammed the auger.

Picture 5: Remove the nut and ball bearing            Picture 6: Press down on the shaft

3. If you still cannot get the stove started in pellet mode, you have the option of firing with wood. However, it requires that you take out the short auger and empty the auger and the fall shaft completely of pellets. In this video, we show you how to take out the short auger: 

Once this has been done, the stove may be used with ordinary firewood until the defect part is replaced.

4. You can try to get the pellet function started by emptying the long auger, as pellets might have jammed the auger. In this video we show how to take out the long auger (this is a slightly demanding process and more difficult than taking the short auger out):

5. Check if the wires (gearmotor long auger) are properly connected, especially if your hybrid stove has just been put into use and has auger rotation problems. Remove the front shield (see picture 7) and check that the cables are inserted correctly, as shown in picture 8.

Picture 7: Take off the front plate                             Picture 8: Check that the wires look as shown above