There may be several reasons for problems with the gaskets by the door, but the primary reason is common wear and tear. If the gasket is particularly worn in one specific place, it may be because the door is crooked and needs to be adjusted (read our guidelines on adjusting the door here). 

Some gaskets are glued on, while others are screwed on. Both types of gaskets should be checked and replaced when they come loose or leaky. This is part of the common maintenance of the stove. 

The gasket sets can be purchased from our dealers or through our webshop.

Please remember to clean the glass and door from dirt and soot before mounting the new gaskets. If the gaskets often come loose, you can glue them with ceramic glue. 

Note: All cleaning and maintenance should be conducted on a cold stove. 

It is important that the gaskets are close to the surface of the stove. If this is not the case, excess air can get into the combustion chamber and decrease the energy efficiency of the stove. You may benefit from maintaining gaskets that are screwed on by regularly pressing on the gaskets. This makes the gaskets soft and extends their service life.   

If the screws are difficult to loosen, we recommend using rust-dissolving oil. 

If the gaskets come loose in a brand-new stove, it may be because burning has not happened with the door open as shown in the manual. It is important to burn with the door ajar during the first ignition, as this will prevent the gaskets from sticking to the stove. 

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