Difficulty level: Easy
Time consumption: 20 minutes
Tools: TORX 15 screwdriver, Allen key 2,5 mm, 8 mm wrench, 2 mm flatheaded screwdriver
Components: smoke sensor (Smoke sensor)  

NB: All changes and adjustments must be conducted when the stove is cold and disconnected from the power supply.

How to replace the smoke sensor

Remove the top plate and unscrew the four screws, two on the front and two on the back:


The smoke sensor is attached to the surface with a threaded rod and a nut. Loosen the nut and replace the old smoke sensor with the new one, fastening the nut again afterwards. The cable for the sensor is pulled through the hole behind the sensor: 


The sensor can be changed on the board from behind the stove. The backplate can be removed by unscrewing two screws on each side:


If the stove is placed in a tight space, the circuit board can be accessed from the front. Open the lower door of the stove and unscrew the plate on the lower left side of the stove. Gently pull out the board making sure not to damage the board and cables:

Remove the green connector from the board by tugging on the connector, not the cable. Replace the old sensor by loosening the screws in the connector and replacing the cables:

The smoke sensor has now been replaced. Remount the top plate and the backplate.