If you experience problems lighting the fire or the fire dies after a short time, it can be due to the following reasons:

  • The fire wood is not dry enough. The fire wood should have a moisture content of max. 18%.
  • There is a negative pressure in the house. There must be sufficient fresh air coming into the room containing the wood burning stove. In very well-insulated houses, or houses with powerful cooker hoods and/or air conditioning systems, a vacuum can be created around the wood burning stove, leading to smoke leakage and poor combustion. In these circumstances, it might be necessary to open a window to provide air for combustion and to equalize the vacuum. Alternatively, you could fit an air vent in the room containing the wood burning stove.
  • The smoke outlet from the outside may be blocked from sooth. This can occur after chimney sweeping. Control the smoke outlet.
  • The used amount of wood may have been too small. Therefore, the embers were too weak and cold to light the next load of wood. See the user manual for the correct amount of wood.