Difficulty level: Intermediate
Time consumption: 20 minutes 
Tools: Small, straight, flat screwdriver and a TX15 screwdriver. 

How does Aduro DraftOptimizer work?

Aduro DraftOptimizer is an advanced smoke exhauster which is installed on top of the chimney and ensures an even, constant draft in the chimney during the entire combustion. The smoke exhauster elevates the smoke in the chimney and dilutes the air up to 25 times, resulting in minimal smoke and smell nuisance.

Combining Aduro Hybrid stove with the Aduro DraftOptimizer

If you want to use the Aduro Hybrid Stove with the Aduro DraftOptimizer (ADO) you have two options:

1) Control the ADO manually 

You can control the ADO manually – either by the regulator that comes with the ADO or by the remote control, which you buy separately here.

We recommend that you find the setting that fits your installation best, but this may take a few days of experimenting. When you find the right settings, keep them there, as the Hybrid Stove needs a stable draft. 

Changes in the weather may make it necessary to adjust the power of ADO. In the winter, the natural draft is strong, which means that the ADO needs less power. When the temperature is higher in the Spring and Autumn, the natural draft is lower, and the ADO thus needs more power.

2) Let your Aduro Hybrid stove start the ADO automatically

You can let your Aduro Hybrid stove start and stop the ADO automatically by connecting the ADO to the stove’s control board. The Aduro Hybrid stove starts the ADO when pellet mode is activated. You can still adjust the draft with the manual regulator.

If you want to fire with wood only, the hybrid stove starts the ADO when you open the door. When you close the door after lighting your firewood, ADO will run for 15 minutes. If the smoke temperature reaches 50°C within this quarter, the ADO will stay activated during the combustion, stopping only when the temperature drops below 50°C. 

When firing with wood, a high smoke temperature is quickly achieved. Should it happen that the smoke temperature does not reach 50°C within the first quarter and that the ADO switches off, you can simply open and close the door again - and a new quarter starts.

Please note:
•    If the electricity is out while the stove runs in wood burning mode, there will likewise be no electricity to keep the ADO running.
•    If you’re using the remote control, it is not possible to get the stove to start and stop the ADO, and you will therefore not gain any benefits from connecting the ADO to the stove’s control board.

How to connect the ADO to the stove’s control board step-by-step

  1. Mount ADO on the chimney as described in the user manual.
  2. Once the ADO is installed correctly, cut off the end of the power plug (marked in red below), and remove 5 mm of the cable’s insulation to access the wires inside (marked in blue below).
  3. Remove the backplate on the stove, by unscrewing the 4 TX15 screws. Lead the ADO cable from the backside of the stove, through the backplate, to the inside of the stove all the way to the control board. Then reattach the backplate.
  4. The control board is accessed below the bottom front door. Unscrew the 2 screws (shown in red) and pull out the control board.
  5. Connect the cables to the control board output socket, the two last in the bottom row as shown in the picture below. The socket entrances will be marked N (brown cable) and L7 (blue cable).

  6. Your Aduro hybrid stove is now connected to the Aduro DraftOptimizer.