Once you have downloaded the Aduro Pellet Stove app and connected your stove to the network according to the guide “Installation of Wi-Fi module and app connection (Aduro P1 + P4)”, you can use the app to control your stove. Your stove will appear on the main screen in the app as shown on screenshot 1 below.

To turn on your stove, press  (settings) and then  (start).

Screenshot 1

1. Current room temperature (measured by thr stove)

2. Current smoke temperature (measured by the stove)

3. Calender (Disabled or enabled)

4. Desired room temperature or heat level (depending on the setting chosen - see also screenshots 2 and 3)

Screenshot 2                                         Screenshot 3                                            Screenshot 4

On screenshot 2, the desired room temperature is chosen. Therefore, this temperature will be shown on the main screen (as shown on screenshot 1). You can change the desired room temperature by pressing -/+. If you choose the heat level (as shown on screenshot 3), the desired heat level will be shown on the main screen instead of the desired room temperature. You can adjust the heat level from 1-5. On screenshot 4, the calendar function is chosen. You can enable/disable the calendar function. When you enable the calendar function on your Aduro Pellet Stove app, the stove will operate according to the pre-installed programs (daily/weekly/weekend programs). Important! If you want the stove to operate according to one of these programs, make sure the respective program is pre-installed and activated. This can be done on the display of the stove. See 7.2 Timer settings in the Aduro P1 Series manual or the Aduro P4 manual.

The calendar function in the app controls the overall timer, not the specific timer functions (daily/weekly/weekend). When you enable the calendar function in your app, the stove will start and stop according to the pre-installed programs. It will operate according to the desired heat level and room temperature chosen in the app. Once the desired room temperature is reached, the stove will automatically change to a lower heat level to maintain the desired room temperature at a reduced pellet consumption.

You can see your account, change language and logout by clicking on the three lines in the top left corner on the main screen (see screenshot 5).

Screenshot 5                                                          Screenshot 6

1. Home/main screen. Information on the operation of the stove (see also screenshot 1).

2. Account. Here you can see your account and delete it if you wish.

3. Language. Choose your preferred language.

4. App version. Make sure to always accept the latest update.