If the air around the stove is too humid, this can lead to condensation accumulating on the surface of the stove. This can lead to rust or paint peeling off inside the stove or on the surface/top of the stove.

Air can be moist and lead to condensation when:

  • The stove is connected directly to the exterior through a non-insulated pipe.
  • The stove is located close to sources of moisture (windows, humidifiers, kitchen appliances etc.).
  • The house where the stove is installed is very cold or humid and the stove has not been used for a long time (e.g. summer houses).
  • The stove is placed in an existing fireplace and the connection to the brick chimney is not properly isolated.
  • The stove is in an area with limited air circulation.
  • The stove is located close to a ventilation source (e.g. law required air vent for higher power stoves).
  • The air for the stove is taken from a place with high moisture (basement or non-ventilated area).