With the Aduro Hybrid app, it is possible to programme the stove. You thus have the possibility to plan how the stove should run during the week. You can choose whether the stove should be turned off, if it should run on heat level, or on wanted room temperature. This is done via the timetable function.

How to access the timetable in the app:

1. Access the stove’s settings by clicking on the cogwheels at the front page of the app:

2. Now click the “Timetable” button:

3. You are now shown a weekly overview. The buttons at the top have the following functions:

 The stove is turned off

 The stove is running on wanted room temperature

 The stove is running on chosen heat level

 Restore previous settings


By clicking one of the first three buttons, the weekly overview is filled with the respective color/function.

If you, on the other hand, click on a field in the table, this will change color and thus function. If the field is red, click once for temperature control (blue) and once more for heat level (green).

If you click on a grey field (day of week or time of day), the entire selected day or time span is colored: 

When the selected changes have been made, press the save button. You can now return to the settings menu by clicking on the cross in the upper right corner.

4. Now click on "Time Table" and press the start button to start the function.

The timetable will always run according to the heat level or the temperature you have set in the two above fields "Heat Level" and "wanted room temperature".