Has there already been a prior connection?

  1. It is only possible to connect one unit at a time. Deactivate Bluetooth on other prior units connected and try to connect again.
  2. Check if the batteries are functioning. Replace with new ones if not. Use a Philips screwdriver for the battery cover.
  3. Try with another smartphone.
  4. Try to re-install the Aduro Smart Response App.

No prior connection?

  1. Check if your unit is connectable with Bluetooth Low Energy and is compatible with the app. See more here
  2. Check if Bluetooth on your unit is switched on.
  3. Check if the batteries are working. Replace with new ones if not.
  4. Pull the primary air intake out to activate the ASR. As a precaution please make sure that the off switch (the one placed behind the primary air intake) clicks, eg. by activating it by hand. Then try to connect.
  5. Try with another smartphone.
  6. Try to re-install the Aduro Smart Response app.

In case the app does not appear when searched from an iPad, check if the setting is set on iPhone-apps instead of iPad-apps.