It's important to light a fire in your wood burning stove correctly. This way you will get a fast and effetive start to the combustion:

For the perfect firing you need:

Step by step guide:

  • Place two logs on the bottom so they are parallel to each other. It’s important that air flows through the fire while at the same time the logs are placed close enough together so that they will “heat” each other up.
  • Place the firelighters between the logs and put some kindling across the logs. 
  • Light the fire. During the first 5-10 minutes the door should be slightly ajar so steam from the glass evaporates.

Warning: When lighting a fire, it is imporant to get the fire burning fast. If the fire does not start quickly and the wood only smoulders, it can cause strong smoke formation and in worst case cause an explosive ignition of the flue gasses, which can damage the stove. Furthermore, never use easily combustible fluids to light the fire in the wood burning stove. Burning varnished wood, impregnated wood, chipboard, paper and other waste is strictly forbidden. Burning these materials will damage the environment, the wood burning stove and effect your own health. 

Below you can see a film showing you how to light your stove correctly.