Difficulty: Easy 
Time consumption: 15 minutes
Components: Gasket for bottom plate, gasket for steel collar, printed gasket guide (Optional)

The brazier gaskets are placed between the bottom of the combustion chamber and the bottom of the brazier. Start by removing the vermiculite and then the brazier. 

Remove the old gaskets behind the brazier. You can now place the new gaskets. To make sure that you place the gasket correctly, you can download a gasket placement guide here: Gasket Guide PDF. Print the guide at “actual size” or 100 % scale on A4 paper. 

Place the gasket guide with the Aduro logo against the backwall and the cut-out square around the tube:


Remove the sticker on the gasket and place the gasket in a U-shape around the outside of the gasket guide:

Now place the gasket around the steel collar:

Remove the gasket guide and remount the brazier and vermiculite.