Yes. Aduro Spray (Senotherm® paint) is solvent free and is specially designed to fix scratches in the paint of the stove and restore your stove to pristine conditions. The paint is designed specially to fix scratches, damages, stains and any other imperfection on the surface of your stove. Using the spray is easy and permits to restore your stove to pristine conditions. The paint in the spray is the very same spray used to paint the stoves in the factory and will ensure a seamless restoration of your stove.

How to use:

  • Gently sand the surface with fine sandpaper (grain 280-320) or a sanding sponge.
  • Use a dry cloth to remove all residues of paint, dust, and other dirt for the area. A thorough cleaning will ensure the best result.
  • Use paper or masking tape to protect the glass and handles of the stove.
    IMPORTANT: Do not use strong adhesive tape on the painted surface of the stove.
  • Shake the paint evenly on the damaged area. Spray with a distance of approx.- 20-30 cm from the surface with a continuous and constant motion. Keep the spray vertical at all times.
  • Wait until the paint is completely dry before applying a second layer of paint. Continue as long as necessary and avoid making “pools” of paint on the stove.




After use, make sure to let the paint dry for at least eight hours. After the treatment, light up the stove with a load of approx. 2,5 kg and set the stove to maximum power output to harden the paint. Ventilate the room during the activation of the paint and during and after using the spray.


PLEASE NOTICE: All maintenance should be conducted, when the stove is cold.