Ashes and other residue can accumulate on the inside of the stove. If a lot of soot accumulates on vermiculite firebricks inside your Aduro stove it is possible that the stove’s draft is insufficient or that the wood is too moist and not ideal for uses of the stove.

It is important to clean the inside and check the firebricks between uses:

  • If you plan to use the stove again soon, we recommend leaving a small amount of ashes on the bottom of the fire chamber: this will improve the stoves insulation and make it easier to reach optimal combustion temperature.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the ashes from the inside of the stove.
  • Check vermiculite for damages or cracks
    • Small cracks under 5mm in depth do not have result in the stove’s performance.
    • Deeper cracks will reduce the energy efficiency of the stove.
  • Please make sure that the baffle plate in metal is properly placed. 

If the vermiculite is broken, it must be replaced. If you experience cracks or damages to vermiculite bricks very often, this can indicate that the stove is not used properly.