No. The stove's surface is treated with a heat-resistant Senotherm® paint, which will stay at its best just by being vacuumed with a small, soft mouthpiece or dusted with a soft, dry cloth. Do not use spirit or other solvents which will remove the paint.

If water or moisture comes directly in contact with the stove, this can cause rust or paint peeling off.  Any contact with water or moisture must therefore be avoided. Only clean the stove with a dry dust cloth.

Water or moisture can meet the stove:

  • Accidentally.
  • Using water/detergent or moist cloth to clean the stove’s surface.
  • Using spray detergents liquid close to the stove.
  • Using the stove’s top to store water containers (e.g. cups, pots or other).
  • Touching the stove with wet or moist/sweaty hands.

WARNING: all cleaning and maintenance should be done with a cold stove.