Difficulty level: Intermediate

NB: Any adjustment of the settings is on your own responsibility. 

To adjust the settings on Aduro pellet stoves, you can use the stove’s display or a remote control depending on which type of stove you have. See below. Some settings can also be adjusted in the Aduro Pellet Stove App.

Aduro P1 and P4 – Display on stove


A. Temperature setting (buttons 1 and 2)
B. Enter/SET (button 3)
C. Indicators for single components
D. Clock display
E. Room temperature display
F. Modes of operation
G. Current status information
H. ON/OFF and Exit (button 4)
I. Operation mode setting (buttons 5 and 6)
J. Remote control receiver

Aduro P5 series – Remote control


How to access the technical settings:

  1. Access the main menu by pressing the “SET” button (button 3) on P1/P4 and the “OK” button on P5/P5 Lux. 
  2. Use the arrows (buttons 5/6) to navigate through the menu, until “Technical settings (08) / Settings technical” is reached. 
  3. Press SET / OK to access. 
  4. An access key will be required. Use the arrows (button 1/2) to navigate to the access key “A9”. Hold the arrow until you reach A9. Press SET / OK. 
  5. The technical settings menu (n-8/n-10) will now be displayed.

How to adjust the technical settings 

Each menu contains settings related to the operation of the stove and can be accessed by pressing SET / OK. 

The technical settings should be adjusted within the suggested limits shown in this excel sheet

The display on the Aduro P1/P4 will show the menu number corresponding to the one shown in the excel document. The P5 remote control will also show this when entering a menu: 


Navigation in the menu is a little different based on the stove model: 

P1/P4: The buttons 5/6 are used to navigate through the different settings. The buttons 1/2 are used to adjust the value of the shown setting. 

The ON/OFF button (button 4) is used to go back/exit the menu.  

P5: The arrows are used to adjust the value of the given setting. The OK and ESC buttons are used to navigate between the settings.

The ON/OFF button is used to go back/exit the menu. 

When a value has been adjusted it will automatically save. 

How to change the settings in the Aduro Pellet Stove App

A limited number of settings are also adjustable in the service menu in the Aduro Pellet Stove App. Adjust the settings according to the excel document mentioned above. 
  1. Access the menu by clicking the three lines in the upper corner, then select service menu. An access key will be required, insert “Aduro A9”: 

  2. To adjust any setting, select a submenu, choose the value that is to be changed, insert the new value, and click “save”: