Difficulty level: Easy
Time consumption: 10 min
Tools: Screwdriver PH2
ComponentsCeramic ignitor

NB: All changes and adjustments must be conducted when the stove is cold and disconnected from the power supply.

Cleaning is a vital part of the hybrid stove’s functioning. If the cleaning is not done properly, the hybrid stove will most likely stop working. To make sure that there is a sufficient air flow from the ceramic ignitor to the brazier, it is important to clean the small hole for the ignitor: 

To check if the ceramic ignitor is working, try to turn on the stove without pellets in the auger. When the ignition fails, you can now check if it is warm in the brazier and around the hole to the ignitor. BE CAREFUL, THE IGNITOR AND THE SURROUNDING AREA CAN BE VERY HOT! 

If the area is as cold as before, it is also worth checking whether the ignitor is connected to power. 

To access the ignitor, remove the cover plate on the side of the stove. This is removed by unscrewing the two screws:

The ignitor must be connected to the socket with the blue cable going to “N” and the red/brown going to “L”:

If the ignitor is connected but is not warming up, it is most likely faulty and needs to be replaced.

Replacing the ignitor

Before replacing the ignitor, please make sure that the stove is turned off and unplugged.

To remove the ignitor, release the two cables from the socket (marked with a green circle in the picture below) by pressing down on the buttons marked “N” & “L”. Hereafter, pull the ignitor out by gently tugging on the black rubber seal and orange cable (marked with a red circle in the picture below). 


Install the new ignitor in the same spot as the old one. The ignitor is inserted into a small pipe inside the hole. Mount the rubber sealing and press the cable until the igniter is pressing against the top. Then pull the cable 5 mm backwards. 


The ceramic ignitor can be aligned to the hole, by using a tiny round object that can be inserted into the hole and guide the ceramic ignitor into the right place:

When the ceramic ignitor has been placed properly, connect the cables to the socket (the blue cable in one of the “N” holes and the red/brown cable in one of the “L” holes):


The ceramic ignitor has now been installed. Check the function of the ceramic ignitor by using the hybrid stove with pellets. If the stove functions as it should, remount the cover plate on the side of the stove.