With a wireless room temperature sensor, you can easily control the temperature in the room, where the Aduro Hybrid stove is placed. The sensor is connected to the hybrid stove via Wi-Fi and measures the temperature in the room. 

The room temperature sensor must be placed close to the hybrid stove’s antenna to connect the sensor to the stove’s Wi-Fi. The ‘activity’ lamp will now flash for approx. 3 minutes. When the light stops flashing, the room temperature sensor is connected to the hybrid stove, and you will see a thermometer symbol in the Aduro Hybrid app:

The lamp flashes white = good connection between room temperature sensor and stove
The lamp flashes red = bad connection between room temperature sensor and stove – or the meter has an error.  

The stove now uses the wireless room temperature sensor. To test the sensor, it can be placed in places with changing temperature. The sensor registers the temperature every 5 minutes. If it works properly, you will see a difference in the temperature in the hybrid app. 

The wireless room temperature sensor can now be placed up to 8 meters away from the stove (depending on the environment). If it gets too far away, the symbol will be red in the app. 

If you want to use the stove’s thermometer again, please remove the room temperature sensor from the stove. This is done by pressing the room temperature symbol in the app and pressing OK to remove the pairing to the wireless sensor.