Your hybrid stove has a built-in temperature sensor which measures the smoke temperature and sends the data to your Aduro Hybrid app. The measured smoke temperature is visible in the main menu on the app as marked on this picture:

Optimal smoke temperature for the three heat levels

The optimal smoke temperature for the different heat levels depends on the chimney and the settings of the stove, but with an optimal installation, the smoke temperature is approximately:
 Heat level 1   130o C - 150o 
 Heat level 2   165o C - 200o
 Heat level 3   235o C - 265o

Optimal smoke temperature for firing with wood

The optimal smoke temperature when burning wood logs is min. 280 degrees and max. 330 degrees – dependent on the amount of wood.

From approximately 6 minutes to 40 minutes after firing the wood, the temperature should be in the following range: 
  • By 1,5-2 kg firewood: between 280 and 300 degrees
  • By 2-3 kg firewood: between 280 and 330 degrees
You should never put more than 3,5 kg firewood in your stove at a time.

The temperature must never exceed 350 degrees as there is a risk of damaging the gearmotor by the internal auger. Therefore, when the temperature hits 330 degrees, you should begin to minimize the airflow.

The optimal temperature for applying new firewood
You should apply new firewood when the temperature hits about 170 degrees – never by a temperature below 130 degrees. Draw the air damper below the door all the way out at each firing to activate Aduro-tronic.

More data on Aduro Cloud

If you sign up to Aduro Cloud you can track more detailed data regarding the smoke temperature in relation to your settings in heat level, room temperature or the timer. Sign up on