If you experience the glass fuse being blown or the earth circuit breaker turning off, it may be due to several things. We recommend the following procedure in the following order:


Step 1: Change the electric igniter or the glass fuse

Most often this problem is caused by either the electrical igniter failing or that the 4-ampere glass fuse (marked on the picture below), located on the motherboard, is blown. If you change either the electric igniter or the glass fuse, the problem is most likely solved.

If this doesn’t solve the problem, move on to the next steps.


Step 2: Test the connectors

  • Disconnect all connectors
  • Start connecting only the 230V power plug. If the power cuts off when connecting it, the print is defective/ the fuse is blown.
  • If the power plug is in and works fine, then try to plug in each connection one at a time: motors / igniter / fan. If an error occurs, change the cable or defective component.

Step 3: Test the outputs


  • Conduct a component check via the function “manual mode” in the Aduro Hybrid app.
  • Turn on the different outputs one at a time: motors / igniter / fan.
    • An orange diode on the selected output on the motherboard should light up.
  • If not, then there is a print error, or the cable is incorrectly inserted.
  • Is electricity coming to the component being tested: motors / fan / igniter?
  • If not, there is a cable error somewhere or the motor / fan / igniter is defective and needs to be changed.
  • Connect 230V directly to the motor / fan / igniter, to check if the problem is a defective cable.