During transport, it may happen that small steel balls from the manufacturing process move or fall into the damper. This can lead to high friction at the air damper and the Aduro-tronic cartridge not being able to move the damper. This can be resolved by manually moving the damper back and forth several times.

If the primary damper is still moving too stiffly, please adjust it in the following ways:

1.    Pull the drawer all the way out.
       Lift the black pal on the slide on the one side and press down on the other side. 
       Pull the drawer off the rails.

2.    Click off the bottom heat shield.

3.    You are now able to see the damper and the top heat shield, which are mounted with four screws. Screw out the screws and carefully remove the heat shield.


4.    The rear part is led to a box, where the external air is added. This box is also clamped with four screws. If the damper doesn’t move back and forth with ease, it could be helpful to loosen some of these screws.

5.    Check if the Aduro-tronic works. Pull the knob all the way out and wait for 4-5 minutes. The automatic should have pulled the damper back in by now.

6.    The damper should move very easily back and forth. If the damper still does not move easily, it is necessary to dismantle the damper completely, remove the old copper grease/aluminium paste and apply a new layer before the damper is remounted.

7.    Now check again if the Aduro-tronic function works. If it still does not work, this could be a sign that the cartridge is defect and must be replaced.


PLEASE NOTICE: All changes/adjustments/tests must be conducted, when the stove is cold.