If you experience soot on the glass when firing with pellets in your hybrid stove, it is often because there is less chimney draft than we recommend (18-25 PA when the stove is hot) or that you are firing at a low smoke temperature. When you are using heat level 1, the smoke temperature is not very high, which may result in more soot on the glass than when you are using heat level 3.

There are several things you can do to improve the issue:

  1. Use a higher heat level which creates a higher smoke temperature above 240 degrees. Heat level 3 has the highest motor speed and the highest ventilation (90%), which both have a positive impact on a higher smoke temperature, a higher chimney draft and less soot on the glass. 
  2. Open the air damper, which is placed in front of the stove. Pull it out to level to activate the secondary air intake (see more in the hybrid manual section 3.1). If you experience this leading to other problems such as pellet accumulation, you should close the air damper again. 
  3. Istall a smoke exhauster which can improve the chimney draft. We recommend Aduro DraftOptimizer.