Control board:



Room temperature sensor:

Measures the current room temperature. The cable is about 60 cm long and can be placed anywhere within that radius.



Exhaust fan:

Evacuates the smoke from the combustion chamber into the chimney. Creates negative pressure in the combustion chamber which results in the flow of fresh air supply for the combustion.




Exhaust temperature sensor:

Measures the current exhaust temperature.


Measures the speed of the exhaust fan. 

Safety thermostat:

Measures the temperature of the auger tube. Too high of a temperature will trigger an alarm and stop the stove.



Pressure switch:

Measures the pressure inside the combustion chamber/right before the exhaust fan. A major change in pressure will trigger an alarm and stop the stove.


Auger and gear motor:

The auger moves the pellets from the pellet container to the top of the drop shaft, through which the pellets fall into the brazier in the combustion chamber.

  1. Gear motor
  2. Auger tube with auger
  3. Drop shaft



In the ignition phase, the ignitor heats up the air that flows directly into the brazier containing pellets.




Convection fan

Blows the warm air into the room. At the same time, it cools down the stove and prevents the pellet container from becoming too hot.