The CO sensor is located in the top of the pellet container to ensure that the stove is not used without sufficient chimney draft. If the CO sensor reaches yellow or red level, it may be due to the following reasons:

  1. Dirty brazier. Clean the brazier.
  2. Insufficient chimney draft. Improve the chimney draft – optionally with an Aduro DraftOptimizer
  3. You have used new pellets with dust and degassing. Open a window in the room and leave the stove's front door open for 10 minutes. The bag of pellets can be opened 24 hours ahead to allow degassing from the pellets. The stove goes into heat level 1 + 100% fan power when the CO sensor reaches the yellow zone.

Alarm for CO above 950

Your Aduro Hybrid stove has an alarm for high CO level in the pellet container. It is very important that you DO NOT USE THE STOVE WITH WOOD OR PELLETS until this alarm has been reset. The stove should be monitored to see if all functions are in order. It is especially important to ensure that both the internal and external augers run correctly. If you experience smoke in the pellet container, please keep the lid closed until the stove has cooled down and the smoke has disappeared. This may take several hours.