If you experience problems with the combustion, please check if the smoke channels have been cleaned. This is especially important when the stove has been in use for a while.

The inside of the stove and the flue pipe can be cleaned through the door or alternatively through the cleaning aperture in the flue pipe/chimney. The upper insulation tile (the baffle plate) can be removed. To allow free access to the top of the stove and the flue pipe, remove the baffle plate in steel, which is mounted with two screws or held by a bracket. The flue pipe can be removed from the stove and cleaned. Cleaning of the inside of the stove and the flue pipe should be exceeded at least once a year, or more frequently if necessary, depending on how often the stove is being used. This work can also be carried out by the chimney sweeper.

Please note on air / Lux model
If you want to use the wood burning stove without connecting the supply of combustion air, “break” off the cover plate in the rear cover at the bottom of the back of the stove. Otherwise, there is not enough air for the combustion.