There are several kinds of odours from wood burning stoves:

  1. The first time you light the stove, you will experience a chemical odour. This is because the stove is new and the paint hardening. This is fairly normal during the first uses, but can reappear after maybe six months.
  2. Smoke odour is mostly due to poor draft in the chimney, possibly combined with a cooker hood / other ventilation that draws the air into the living room.
  3. An acidic smell will typically be a burning issue. If the combustion is not powerful enough, an acidic odour can occur. This is avoided by firing "harder". Use several small wood logs in the beginning to fire up the stove and to warm the chimney.
  4. If you haven't used the stove for a while, it can also smell. This may be due to the dust that has settled on the stove.