New modern stoves cool the smoke more than old stoves to make better use of the wood. The heat is to a greater extent send out in the room instead of coming up through the chimney. In practice, some experience problems with that, because the chimney is not good enough to draw properly. This applies particularly for stoves with a lot of glass and a high placed combustion chamber, because the smoke in these stoves is cooled down on a very small area through the convection system in the stove.

To offer a solution for those customers who experience problems with a low chimney draft, we have developed:

  1. A smoke exhauster Aduro DraftOptimizer, which ensures a constant, even draft and reduces the smoke and smell nuisances.
  2. A special kit for the Aduro 9 series, which we call Aduro 9 Flow. With this kit you can simply adjust the stove to give a higher smoke temperature, which will improve the draft.