If the chimney is too short, leaks, or is inadequately insulated, problems with the chimney draft (let the chimney sweep assess this) can appear. The chimney draft should be approximately 10-14 Pascal (cold stove).

Poor chimney draft can in some cases be improved by higher flue gas temperature, so a correct combustion is very important. Dry wood, for example, will provide better combustion and a higher temperature in the stove, which will increase the draft in the chimney. Damp wood will create a weaker chimney draft, as the temperature in the stove will be lower, which generates less up draught in the chimney. We recommend using split birch or beech wood with a moisture content not exceeding 18%.

Possible solutions to improve the draft

  • Extend the height of the chimney, use insulated pipes.
  • Insulate or seal up cracks in the chimney, such as at the cleaning hatch, joints and any inadequate insulation
  • Remove obstacles around the chimney, e.g. cut down trees and other possible obstacles.
  • Mount the smoke exhauster Aduro DraftOptimizer, which ensures a constant, even draft and reduces the smoke and smell nuisances.
  • Mount the special kit for the Aduro 9 series, Aduro 9 Flow. With this kit you can simply adjust the stove to give a higher smoke temperature, which will improve the draft.

Consider contacting a chimney sweeper for an assessment.

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