With Aduro Smart Response your smartphone or tablet will become your personal firing aid, helping you to obtain a correct combustion process and the optimal use of your firewood.

Through thousands of tests we have gathered information on how the development in time and temperature is connected to combustion in the firebox. We have made these tests together with the Danish Technological Institute and converted our findings into algorithms which can guide you to control your wood burning stove optimally.

After the installation of the app, you need to enter some data which is available on the wood burning stove’s identification plate or in the manual. Our app will then convert this data and use the app’s algorithms to guide you. The app will amongst other things provide you with individual tips on how to optimize the use of your wood burning stove. Additionally, you will receive information on how to add wood to the fire and whether combustion is optimal. The app will also be getting smarter as you use it.

Furthermore, there is a lot of data on the usage of firewood, carbon dioxide reduction, development in efficiency, help to check the moisture content of the firewood, tips in general and finally the option to find out how well you’re doing compared to other users.

Aduro Smart Response can be used on:
- iPhone (all models after 4S) 
- iPod Touch 5th gen
- iPad 4 
- Android (all versions after 4.4)

Keep in mind that Aduro Smart Response fits ALL WOOD BURNING STOVES REGARDLESS OF BRAND AND MODEL. However, you do need access to the flue pipe in order to place the temperature sensor. It is not possible to use the Aduro Smart Response with a fireplace insert, as the flue pipe must be accessible where the sensor is  placed